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Ink Art and Oil on Canvas Collection

Artist Biography


Dancer, painter, and teacher, Alexandra (b. 1976) hails from Bratislava, Slovakia.

A graduate of Bratislava’s Arts High School and its University of Arts, she passed Slovakia’s rigorous state certification examination for teachers. After service in the Slovak Army Dance Corps, Alexandra embarked on her “world tour.”

She has since performed in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, Germany, the US, and Indonesia. Modern, ballet, folk, salsa, kecak… Alexandra is a true champion of eclecticism in her art.

Indonesia’s traditional dancing left an indelible impression on Alexandra’s style, as did the native art. A painter from early childhood, while living in Bali she began experimenting with the use of Bristol/India ink. She has since developed her own distinctive style, employing the fluid lines and bright colors of South Asian painting.

She has shown her art at the Austrian Institute in Bratislava and at the New York International Film Festival. 

While living in Bali and in India, Alexandra became adept at Ashtanga Yoga. This physical/spiritual discipline has since informed her dance and her painting.

Basing herself in New York City since 1998, Alexandra has continued to pursue her geographical and spiritual explorations. She teaches Yoga and dance - and she paints.


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